About Us

Our team has combined has over 145 years of experience in tech, marketing strategy, operations, startups, and development. Our mission is to help new apps succeed and we apply all of our experience to doing just that.

The Team

Chuck Shotton

  • 30 ys tech VC & start-ups
  • DARPA, NASA, academia, Fortune 500 
  • Venture partner – Safeguard Scientifics funds
  • Director, Academic Computing Dept, Univ of Texas Health Science Center

Brad Nickel

  • 25 years marketing – B2B & consumer / digital and traditional
  • Built one of first small biz SaaS
  • Extensive expertise in tech development, product management and biz development
  • 15 ys managing startups – funding, launch, marketing, planning

Evin Grano

  • Software architect & engineering leader in AI apps and blockchain solutions for trading financial instruments.
  • Involvement with numerous start-ups 
  • Instrumental in successful IPOs and acquisitions

Dr. Steven F. Browdy

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics
  • 30 years of software development
  • 22 years experience in startups and tech industry
  • Has managed and architected dozens of software development projects
  • Architect of system used worldwide by researchers to merge disparate research data types

Austin Gaines

  • 15 years experience successfully building a business in the real estate industry
  • Extensive project management skills
  • Actively engaged in philanthropic and business communities for decades.
  • Legal, business development, and management expertise

Keith Alan

  • 30+ years of marketing & broadcast/digital media production expertise 
  • Extensive experience in brand storytelling, content marketing/creation and digital marketing management/oversight
  • Has built numerous successful consumer & B2B brands for startups

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Email: [email protected]